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SG Midland INCVision 2018 - Destino (Area 3)

Publicado em 2 de out de 2018 1.011 visualizações

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Standing before God’s people comes with a great responsibility. To convince someone to follow, he himself must be seen blameless in every respect. He must be a good role model who exercises godliness.

However, as ministers of the gospel, they also experience sufferings like the rest of us.

Lets have a glimpse of the struggles that they have to face, and see what lies behind their brave smile, enthusiasm and fervor.

  • Josephine Briones
    Josephine Briones 7 (na) buwan ang nakalipas Short film the best Destino 😇😇👍👍👍
  • Vergel Gulapa
    Vergel Gulapa 7 (na) buwan ang nakalipas Ang galing bro! Congrats! 👍🏻👏🏻